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Who We Are

kilban foods india

‘HAPPY’ family was born in 1975, since then the brand has travelled far and wide, wooing its way into the hearts and minds of consumers by delivering quality, freshness and taste.

Today Kilban foods India has a fully automatic plant with huge production capacity under formidable brand names HAPPY, RASIKA, SABARI and HAPPY JOO, which is redesigned and named exclusively for RTS Beverages, which are competing with well-known brands in India and abroad. Behind this astounding success lies a story of hard work, persistence and perseverance of two brothers: Mr. M. BASHEER & Mr. M.KHALID. Above all a passion to realize certain goals and ambitions.

Happy memories:

In 1978, a small unit on a rental base has been started for manufacturing Pickles, Syrups and Vinegar under the brand name ‘GULZAR’. After a period of 2 years, moved to more spacious premises and added Jam & Squash. Moreover, changed the brand as ‘SABARI’.

Later since the versatility of our Managing Director, Mr. BASHEER and his team, in 1987, we take privilege to disclose you that we are the first in launching RTS Beverages in Kerala under the brand name ‘HAPPY’ in 3 variants (Mango, Grape & Pineapple) which has got immense popularity in the limelight.

In 1995, started a fully mechanized modern plant and named it as KFI (KILBAN FOODS (INDIA) PVT.LTD). Subsequently expanded R&D wing and established a unit named KME (KILBAN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING) for developing innovative/sophisticated machineries. Later started another concern GPP (Grand polypet) exclusively for manufacturing PET bottles and HDPE Containers meant for own products.

Today Kilban Foods encompasses products like RTS beverages, Fruit Jams, Pickles, Sauces, Instant Drink Mix powder, Crush, Squash, Syrup, Milk shake mix, Soft Drink Concentrate, Chocó spread, Chutney /chammandi, Vinegar etc.

We take privilege to mention that we are on top in Quality today among the Food Processing companies as we value our customer’s taste and health to Keep everybody Happy.

values and policies

Mutual prosperity is the basis of our Management policy. In fact, KFI emphasizes on its policy/philosophy to ensure stability in sustainable development of human/society as well as nature/environment by delivering unique, innovative and superior quality products and services at reasonable price.

Our ultimate goal is to serve nature and humanity to make possible the peaceful and harmonious co-existence of the fauna and flora.

In one way or another, Kilban Foods is an acronym of our Policy/Principle /Philosophy, embodying the idea that KNOWLEDGE in practical / theory, FOCUS on what we do and INNOVATIVE skill are essential elements to achieve our cherished dreams.

mission and vision


Our Mision is to have a business park with an Institute of Research & Development in Food Technology, Science & Engineering all under one roof. We are focusing on this and our efforts are on to make it a “Grand Success”.


To deliver, promote, encourage and support food processing Industries and raise the technical standards of product quality in order to match global standards, thereby we aim to become a well-known Food processing company in India.

Kilban foods director

How I deliver value to my customers:

KFI is committed to manufacture products of superior quality as per national and International standards. Farm to fork quality assurance is our established policy. Our quality control mechanism satisfies national and International regulations. Excellent state-of-the-art lab facility and working environment coupled with due care for food hygiene and sanitation enable KFI to keep everybody happy all the time. All KFI products are hygienically prepared to ensure quality as I believe that from hygiene comes purity and from purity comes the taste. Incoming raw material, packing material, Quality control checking, online checking of production and finished good's final quality check are conducted for each Batch, Samples are kept to identify any variations in quality in the later stage. Our full fledged Laboratory carries out analysis of all products at different stages. Infact, KFI is a developing Indian company. We are not a giant. But inorder to be so, I will never cheat my customers. I am content with what I have. So the size of my earnings does not matter to me, I always deliver value/quality to my customers. Ultimately people will remember the quality long after the price is forgotten.

My view about current scenario (new generation) & how it should be:

If you go through our vision/Mission, you will be able to identify with the mission of KFI and will realize why I emphasize on this aspect.

Universities are producing graduates in science, food technology, Engineering, MBA etc., whatever be the course they pursued. No matter how well they mugged up their theories and studies, until and unless they have an enthusiasm to have practical knowledge in the chosen field, they will not be able to survive in their career. Besides it will be difficult for them to think and come out of the box with something new which no one has dreamed of. As you all know, the new generation is moving forward at a pace and you should have the practical knowledge to compete with them. As a matter of fact we interview a lot of guys and we admit that these guys are perfect in their theories. But they lag behind when it comes to technical know-how /practical knowledge, that matters. So my aim is to mould a set of smart, vibrant, young people with hot practical and theoretical knowledge to excel in this modern world when the competition is very very stiff.

Despite being the MD of KFI, I must confess that I did not have much education from schools. But what I acquired is only practical knowledge and that motivated me to establish our firm KFI. Moreover travelling far and wide, I learned much through interaction with men with different ideas and ideals, visions and dreams. Hence my humble request to the new generation is that you should be versatile in both your theoretical as well as practical knowledge.

My valuable Asset:

For me, HR is my valuable resource more than anything else. Until and unless the employees work hard sincerely in any organization, nothing will work out. So we should know how to handle / consider them and tackle their grievances. I should not consider my employees as mere tools for enhancing the sales and turnover of my company. I consider them as valuable assets irrespective of whether they are superiors or subordinates in production, Finance, sales/marketing etc. Hence, we follow the system ‘MBO’ – Management By Objective, which says we should consider not only the suggestions of superiors, but we should also consider the valuable opinions/suggestions and inputs of subordinates.

The Road to success:

Life does not give us any warranty or any guaranty. It only gives us some opportunities and possibilities. So it is upto us to make it a success. Meanwhile you may have to face many obstacles, hazards, criticism, blaming, teasing etc. from others. But you should not be disheartened with their words and deeds. What all you have to do is, you should overcome the obstacles and hindrances which come in your way and go ahead to fulfil your dream. But always have the belief that failures are the stepping stones to success. If you keep working hard with your aim/objective,certainly success will be with you today or tomorrow.

Success, in my point of view:

To be successfull, the only way is love what you do without bothering what other's do.

KFI, in a nutshell:

Quality - Synergy - Goal oriented

quality and commitment

Quality Commitment

KFI is committed and make no compromise when it comes to quality. We value our consumer’s Taste and Health. Hence, our prime focus is on product quality and customer service. This has made us the leading manufacturer of food/beverages in India and abroad.

We opt only for the best available raw materials, whether it is from India or overseas. All our food products are manufactured in perfect hygienic conditions and there is quality checking at all levels headed by Quality Manager.

We do have a Lab with required facilities. Our advanced R&D facilities and state-of-the-art plant are also used to bring out products to meet individual specifications. So when you buy from us, you can be rest assured that you are buying the best.


We create our own style. It is unique and yet identifiable for others. The secret to modeling is not being perfect only. What one needs is to bring out something new. This is how KFI introduced unique feature/strategy for variety of premium products with a few variants. For instance we are proud to proclaim that no one in India has come out with 12 variants of Fruit Jams in patent-taken unique style of packaging as we have in ‘RASIKA’ brand at present. 8 more variants are planing to be launched. Besides, in our Jams, Fibre contents of fruit are visible which in turn not only make it delicious but also gives mouthfeel of the taste of fresh fruit. The Jams are easy to spread in keeping with the international standards. Similarly we come up with uniqueness in the production, packaging and delivery of all our other products like Fruit Jellies, Pickles,Sauces, Chutney/Chammandi, Milk Shake Mix, Choco-Spread etc.

KFI 's Other Concerns


Kilban Mechanical Engineering, KME

KME (Kilban Mechanical Engineering) is our sister Engineering concern. It was set up in 1998 by our Research & Development wing meant exclusively for developing food/beverages based machinery and equipments.

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Grand Poly Pet, GPP

In the year 2000, we set up an industrial unit known as ‘GRAND POLY PET’ with fully automatic Blow Moulding Machines. It is an exclusive unit for manufacturing packing materials like PET bottles and HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene) containers.

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